TR Landscape Contracting are now an Accredited Partner of Wildflower Turf Ltd.Wildflower Turf around lawn

The use of wildflower turf has numerous benefits for organisations wishing to establish a wildflower landscape.  It will deliver stunning colour and contrast to any situation, either large scale or in a corner of a domestic garden.

Wildflower turf naturally produces a biodiverse habitat supporting native birds, bees and butterflies.  It can be used in a wide range of landscaping projects including gardens, parks, estates, schools, roadside verges, steep banks and urban spaces.

Accurate seeding rates and slow germination have been the downfall of many wildflower schemes. The speed and ease of establishment of wildflower turf is the fastest and most efficient way to establish a natural landscape.

Once in place it provides a low maintenance solution. The unique soil-less structure allows roots to bind together to form a thick mat. This carpet of roots naturally suppresses weed growth, avoiding the need for routine maintenance.  An autumn cut is the minimum requirement for the upkeep of Wildflower Turf.

Please contact us to provide you with a Wildflower Area, whether it be a small corner of a garden up to a large meadow, unsightly verge leading up to an office or industrial premises or an area of a school grounds.

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