IMAG0025TR Landscape Contracting preparations for the Winter Maintenance season are in full swing. We have received our first deliveries of White Rock salt in preparation for this years Winter Maintenance programme. We use white rock salt as it is a cleaner product than the sandier brown rock salts also available on the market.

As most of our Winter Gritting work is carried out to paths and car parks around schools, health centres and office premises the cleaner product is more preferred by our clients (and their cleaners). Its ice clearing properties are as good, if not better than traditional rock salt and being a more granular product it spreads more evenly over the surface of the ground.

What we do.

We provide a pro-active service for gritting works. Our customers register for inclusion on our “weather watch list” and when temperatures overnight are forecast to drop down to freezing we send out an e-mail alert to warn them of the forecast temperature. A gritting visit will then be carried out overnight or in the early hours unless they choose to opt out of having gritting carried out that day. The system works well for them, with all of last years registered customers having chosen to continue using our services during this forthcoming winter.

When temperatures fall the roads are gritted to allow your staff and visitors to reach your premises. However, many work places do not offer the same levels of safety once off the public road. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1992 states that in abnormal weather conditions arrangements should be made to reduce risk from frost and snow. Using a gritting contract, such as ours, ensures that you are complying with that legislation.

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We can provide you with full information on all of the winter maintenance services and/or supply of rock salt and snow clearing tools that you will need. Click below for our range of Rock Salt and other winter maintenance products available to you.

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